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Technical Questions: Mac Nodes & Servers

Hi guys, I posted this over at BitcoinBeginners but it hasn’t received a lot of useful input. I’ve read the FAQ there and searched around the web for answers, but could really use your help.
I have a dedicated 2011 MacBook Pro running High Sierra that I’d like to use in support of Bitcoin. So far, I have installed and verified GPG Suite and Bitcoin Core following instructions from bitcoin.orf. It is now synced, and I hope to add block explorer, a lightning node, and an electrum server. Once complete, I’d like to create some tutorials and guides to help others who have old Macs, since there is already a lot of good info for Windows and Linux.
I found this guide on Medium talking about Power Node Launcher, but it’s doesn’t have the same emphasis on security as the other tools I’ve setup. Before taking next steps, I’d like input from the community on the order of steps and trusted sources for installing the aforementioned programs.
If there is anything else I can do with my computer and bandwidth to help Bitcoin, please let me know. Specifically, if I am able to setup a lightning node, would it help if I stored some bitcoin on it to support transactions? Should I setup a slow simple mining program or run an older ASIC miner that is not part of a pool just to help diversify the network? Should I setup a satellite connection as Andreas suggested in one of his older videos? Thanks for your input.
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such beginner shibe thread wow how to get coin

 how to shibecoin v rich in minutes much instruct so simple any doge can do 


UPDATE 1/21/14: I'm not updating this guide anymore. Most of the steps should still work though. See the wiki or check the sidebar for updated instructions.
Before you do anything else, you need to get a wallet. Until there's a secure online wallet, this means you need to download the dogecoin client.
Now open the client you just downloaded. You'll be given a default address automatically, and it should connect to peers and start downloading the dogechain (aka blockchain in formal speak). You'll know because there will be a progress bar at the bottom and at the lower right there should be a signal strength icon (TODO: add screenshots).
If you've waited 2 or 3 minutes and nothing is happening, copy this:
maxconnections=100 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=miner.coinedup.comdoge addnode= addnode= addnode= 
And paste it into a new text file called dogecoin.conf, which you then place into the dogecoin app directory.
Now restart your qt client and the blockchain should start downloading in about 1-2 minutes.
Once it finished downloading, you're ready to send and receive Dogecoins!


Decide how you want to get Dogecoin. Your options are:
I'll go into detail about each of these. I'm currently writing this out. I'll make edits as I add sections. Suggestions are welcome.


Mining is how new dogecoins are created. If you're new to crypto currencies, read this. To mine (also called "digging"), a computer with a decent GPU (graphics card) is recommended. You can also mine with your CPU, but it's not as efficient.


These instructions cover only Windows for now. To mine, you'll need to figure out what GPU you have. It'll be either AMD/ATI or Nvidia. The setup for both is approximately the same.

Step One: Choose a pool

There's a list of pools on the wiki. For now it doesn't really matter which one you choose. You can easily switch later.
NOTE: You can mine in two ways. Solo mining is where you mine by yourself. When you find a block you get all the reward. Pool mining is when you team up with other miners to work on the same block together. This makes it more likely that you'll find a block, but you won't get all of it, you'll have to split it up with others according to your share of the work. Pool mining is recommended because it gives you frequent payouts, because you find more blocks. The larger the pool you join, the more frequent the payouts, but the smaller the reward you get.
Over a long period of time the difference between pool and solo mining goes away, but if you solo mine it might be months before you get any coins.

Step two: Set up pool account

The pool you chose should have a getting started page. Read it and follow the instructions. Instructions vary but the general idea is:
When you're done with this, you'll need to know:

Step three: Download mining software

For best performance you'll need the right mining software.
Unzip the download anywhere you want.

Step four: Set up miner

Create a text file in the same folder as your miner application. Inside, put the command you'll be running (remove brackets).
For AMD it's cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://: -u -p
For Nvidia it's cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://: -O :
Substitute the right stuff in for the placeholders. Then on the next line of the text file type pause. This will let you see any errors that you get. Then save the file with any name you want, as long as the file extension is .bat. For example mine_serverName.bat.

Step five: Launch your miner

Just open the .bat file and a command line window should pop up, letting you know that the miner is starting. Once it starts, it should print out your hash rate.
If you now go to the pool website, the dashboard should start showing your hashrate. At first it'll be lower than what it says in the miner, but that's because the dashboard is taking a 5 minute average. It'll catch up soon enough.
NOTE: A normal hashrate is between 50 Kh/s up to even 1 Mh/s depending on your GPU.

You're now mining Dogecoins

That's it, nothing more to it.


CPU mining isn't really recommended, because you'll be spending a lot on more on power than you'd make from mining Dogecoin. You could better spend that money on buying Dogecoin by trading. But if you have free electricity and want to try it out, check out this informative forum post.


Trading has been difficult so far, but Dogecoin just got added to a few new exchanges. If you don't have a giant mining rig, this is probably the best way to get 100k or more dogecoins at the moment. I'll write up a more complete guide, but for now check out these sites:


Faucets are sites that give out free coins. Usually a site will give out somewhere between 1 and 100 Dogecoin. Every site has its own time limits, but usually you can only receive coins once every few hours, or in some cases, days. It's a great way to get started. All you do is copy your address from the receive section of your wallet and enter it on some faucet sites. Check out /dogecoinfaucets for more. If you go to each site on there you might end up with a couple hundred Dogecoin!


This method is pretty straightforward. Post your receiving address, and ask for some coins. Such poor shibe. The only catch is, don't do it here! Please go to /dogecoinbeg.


At the moment there are two tip bots:
Other redditors can give you Dogecoin by summoning the tip bot, something like this:
+dogetipbot 5 doge
This might happen if you make a good post, or someone just wants to give out some coins. Once you receive a tip you have to accept it in a few days or else it'll get returned. Do this by following the instructions on the message you receive in your inbox. You reply to the bot with "+accept". Commands go in the message body. Once you do that, the bot will create a tipping address for you, and you can use the links in the message you receive to see your info, withdraw coins to your dogecoin-qt wallet, see your history, and a bunch of other stuff.
As a bonus, so_doge_tip has a feature where you can get some Dogecoins to start with in exchange for how much karma you have. To do this, send the message "+redeem DOGE" to so_doge_tip. You'll need to create a tipping account if you don't have one.
If you want to create a tipping account without ever being tipped first, message either of the bots with "+register" and an address will be created for you.


  • 1/21/14 - Added note about this thread no longer being updated
  • 1/21/14 - Changed wallet links to official site
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  • 12/18/13 - Updates dogecoin.conf, from here.
  • 12/17/13 - Linked to mining explanation.
  • 12/17/13 - Added link to CPU mining tutorial, in response to this.
  • 12/16/13 - Added links to tip commands, link to dogetipbot wiki.
  • 12/16/13 - Note about tip commands going in body, in response to this.
  • 12/16/13 - Added link to cgminer mirror, thanks to scubasteve812 and thanks to Bagrisham.
  • 12/16/13 - Note about removing brackets in response to this.
  • 12/15/13 - Fixed hash rate as per this comment, thanks lleti
  • 12/15/13 - Added info for all other ways of getting money, except for trading (placeholder for now)
  • 12/15/13 - Added windows GPU mining instructions 12/15/13 - Added wallet instructions, list of how to get money
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2-11-17 update
Do you have the redemption wallet set up yet? if you've never downloaded the wallet before, you're in luck, just go to the website at and download mirror two.
If you did have the older wallet and it doesn't say redemption wallet on it, try these steps just released this place to buy $PAC directly
All referral amounts will go towards Twitter Payday giveaways.


"Brad: A beginners guide on how to mine $PAC using NiceHash Thank you @Jared (US) for the great tutorial - A nice entry point to $PAC mining for those without their own rigs. :clap::skin-tone-1:


DO NOT use link 3 anymore, use download link 1
"I was so excited to hear there was a bulky extra wallet to download!" --Nobody
Yeah it sucks, but better safe than sorry, 2 GIGS is a lot of data for some people around the world, and I get that...
It will however be the last big download for the redemption.
This is the new recommended wallet for your coin swap -- just download it. It will be faster than asking "should I download it" then me saying, "yeah, you should download it"
(MAC redemption wallet upgrader & full install without full blockchain. MAC)
Redemption video explanation process:
"What happens if I don't download this and use the old wallet?"
It means you already know there is a redemption wallet, just download it.

The Million Dollar Question

1.)What is going on with my PacCoins at CRYPTOPIA AND YOBIT AND TRADE SATOSHI right now?

LIVE STREAM FROM YESTERDAY - I can't really give better information than Brad Marsh, and I find it unfair to quote him myself when you can watch it here for yourself. Theres Q&A at the end that answered a lot of extra questions. Watch the whole video that might help clear a lot of confusion you have. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
I wont quote him myself, but Brad gives a bunch of good NEW answers on here
YOBIT - When wallets are down, do not send coins here. Never send any coins to any exchange in wallet maintenance
If you can see your balance, you're fine. You can't move these right now or maybe ever. Due to massive volume, the urge to buy PacCoin literally crippled their whole website and wallet for PacCoin. DO NOT SEND COINS HERE AT ALL.
Devs are working with Cryptopia to ensure that ALL PacCoins will be converted for you during the coin swap.
!Cryptopia accounts that have locked coins on them will automatically have their old coins exchanged into the NEW $PAC for you. So you don't need to have a wallet to be part of the RCO. - 1,000,000 PacCoins will turn into 1,000 $PAC after they are traded in for the coin burn!
Unfortunately I have coins on here too, and there's nothing we can do but wait for Cryptopia to fix their markets and/or work with the DEV team on the coin swap because their big boy wallet is broken.
!::!:!:!This may be like this until they manually do the redemption. In the video, there was a real hardship that was not everyone could be pleased, but all the coins on cryptopia MUST to be swapped unless they fix the wallet, which from my understanding is impossible to repair. The company said they were gonna take the risk out of the sense of LOSS in the case that you sent coins before you were told not to. Things like that!::!:::!:::!
I will say that they did not want this to happen, but they are stepping up to do what they can to fix what they can. They aren't gonna penalize the community for buggy issues out of the users control.

Think about what a huge clean up on isle 5 its gonna be. Its gonna take a lot of work to get done, but I'm confident they'll be successful.


"You have until February 25th to WITHDRAW your coins from your exchange wallet and put them into the new redemption wallet available on
Trade Satoshi are upgrading their platform in anticipation for the new $PAC coin - Old PAC will not be supported after this time."
Source: Trade Satoshi --


You thought I wouldn't personally say something about yobit and cryptopia? Well, I suppose its in the title. If you're that concerned about your yobit coins, just take the advice in the video that Brad said about just holding tight.
In my own words, without quoting him, he got across that
  1. If your coins are stuck on Yobit, the redemption window would be extended - he said it wasn't fair to the investor if their coins are locked up.
  2. You can still sell them for alt currency and buy at tradesatoshi instead.
  3. You can still buy into the RCO at cryptopia, but its way over priced.
I know I understand a lot of you are grieving over all the exchange issues, and if you got something bad to say about it, I understand why. It's frustrating to me and all of you for the price has been going down, and they cant be moved.
We all want to be in control of our assets, and sometimes things go a way we can't control, but I will finish this by saying there is far worse exchange news floating around lately than just cryptopia and yobit wallet issues.
The exchanges have 1,000 coins and people and things to do and communicate with. The harder we prove to them that we are impatient and flood their mail with messages, the longer its gonna take someone to read the same question again. And then answer that question again. When they need some relief and time to focus on what they can.
They aren't doing this on purpose and the last thing they want is another e-mail about how their website stinks. They don't want the problems, but they're kind of stuck with them.
I would only send a TICKET if your transaction says "Processed" and you haven't received from yobit or cryptopia, otherwise all your questions about why the wallets dont look are going to flood over people that are missing coins.
I'm sure out of the two issues, you would rather see the missing coins one solved then if their wallet is gonna work today, tomorrow, or the next, or the next.
Every email is a block in the ledger that needs to be digged away so they can find the emails that stand out that they can actually try to get a case started on.
They have over 161,000 followers alone on twitter. Cryptopia and Yobit, out of the two, I would say I give my respect to Cryptopia first.
Yobit is still working on wallet issues it sucks, but its the truth I personally bought at .0061 and sold for .0085, sent them to Trade satoshi, and bought all of them from .0071 all the way up to .0085, kept the profits and sent to my wallet. If you are that upset about yobit, sell your PAC, buy on Trade Satoshi, or just sit tight.
Theres no penalty for missing the redemption if they are tied up on the account of yobit. If you need to sell for financial purposes, you still can on yobit, so it shouldn't stress you out. The only people that ultimately deserve respect for keeping their cool is the people on Cryptopia for they could never send or receive after the crash.
At this time, I'm going to recommend just getting them into your personal wallet ASAP if you can.
"We recommend that after checking the exchange wallet status that you send only 100 coins as a test before trying to move a large amount." This is Dylan Pln, FACEBOOK MODERATOR suggestion.

2.) Where do I buy PacCoin? Why is this so difficult?

In order to buy PacCoin, I would recommend getting familiar with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or DOGEcoin. ETH is acceptable too. You're gonna need to own these to buy it.
DOGE is especially a good one for this coin, because right now DOGE market is the best price, because .00000001 Bitcoins is still too much to purchase this for right now.
DOGE is like the "Change" In cryptocurrency (for now) and can meet the extremely low price in the markets you will want to purchase in.

3.) What are Exchanges?

Exchanges are places similar to the stock market you would see, but more specific for users, as they aren't hidden behind user interface, like Fidelity or Robinhood.
These exchanges are like driving a manual, vs. driving an automatic car. If you don't know what you're doing you should research on youtube for tutorials.
You're going to send, DOGE, LTC, OR ETH to an exchange and try to buy at the most affordable price NOW, or place a buy order at a cheaper price and fish for a good deal. - try to stick with trade satoshi.
These are going to be the best two places you should buy PacCoin right now. They are the cheapest and if you're using BITCOIN to buy, you are doing it wrong. MOST ASKED QUESTION:

4.) I heard "Blah blah from some unofficial source and is it true?"

This website holds all official news.

5.) What is PacCoin, I still dont get it?
Start by going here and downloading a wallet and talk to PacCoin4Prez on twitter to get started.

6.) Is PacCoin a scam?

No. This is not a scam. It is just the beginning though, and somethings aren't as polished looking as businesses with many seasoned years.

7.) My wallet is not working right.. I can't figure it out.

Start here before asking around, although someone will probably help you.
AFTER YOU GET YOUR WALLET WORKING, BACK UP YOUR WALLET.DAT file by clicking "File" - "Backup wallet" save off your computer in case your hard drive crashes or the file stops opening on your computer.

8.) What happens during the redemption process?

Everyone that I sent 5,000 PacCoins to in their OFFICIAL PACCOIN WALLET, will need to download the new (Much Lighter) wallet. The wallet is scheduled to be released on Feb. 3rd.
I don't want to get into price speculation, but ultimately the idea is that the 5,000 PacCoins you got will turn into 5
PAC, the new coin and the value should stay the same, but the price should increase more reasonably.
In march the official redemption happens. If your coins are on cryptopia, they should be converted into the new PAC for you.

Otherwise, you are going to be sending your coins to PACCOIN.NET with their specific instructions. DO NOT SEND YOUR COINS TO ANYONE ---- ONLY THIS WEBSITE. THERE WILL BE PEOPLE TRYING TO SCAM YOU AT THIS TIME.

9.) Are there any Faucets? YES.


10.) Where will the NEW $PAC be featured.

The coin is guaranteed to be on Cryptopia!
Otherwise this is a complete list of exchanges applied for. It appears devs are taking this seriously, because it isn't free to apply to most exchanges!
Thanks for reading
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How to Nvidia GPU mine PotCoin on Windows

I thought I would put together another tutorial for anyone looking to get started with mining PotCoin's. its a bit of a plug for my own mining pool, but you're free to mine of another pool, the process is pretty much the same.
Once broken down into individual parts the whole process is quite simple and should only take less than half an hour to start mining.
The process can be broken down into the following stages:
Stage 1: Setup PotCoin Wallet
Step 1. Go to , click download wallet, then Download Now and save to your PC.
Step 2. Once Downloaded, launch the application and you should be presented with the PotCoin Setup Wizard. Setup Image 1
Step 3. Click Next and leave the Destination folder ( you can customize the destination if you like) Setup Image 2
Step 4. Click Install. Setup Image 3
Step 5. Once the package is installed click Next then and Finish Setup Image 4
Step 6. On launch you may get a firewall error, Click Allow access. (Only enable Public networks is you have to ) Setup Image 5
Step 7. The PotCoin wallet is now running. It may show "No block source available" in the bottom left corner, give it 15 mins and it should connect to the network, if not check your firewall settings. Once you see "Synchronizing with network" in the bottom left you know you're good. Setup Image 6
Step 8. Click the Receive tab and write down your PotCoin address, this is your address to receive coins. Setup Image 7
Stage 2: Create Mining Pool account.
There are multiple pools you can choose from but as I run a mining pool I might as well plug my own , If you would like to use another the following steps will work with another pool.
Step 1. Point your browser at, in the top right hand corner of the page click "Guest" then "Sign Up". Account Image 1
Step 2. Complete the registration form, make sure you choose a good password that is unique to this poll, write down the PIN, as if you lose it you lose your coins! Account Image 2
Step 3. Check your email and Click the email verification link, if you can't see the email check your spam folder.
Step 4. Login to your account and Click "My Account" then click "Edit Account" On the Left Hand Nav. Enter your PIN and click unlock. This will create a confirmation email you will need to click. Account Image 3
Step 5. Check your email and Click the email verification link, if you can't see the email check your spam folder.
Account Image4
Step 6. On the Left Hand Navigation bar click "My Account" then "My Workers". Enter a worker name and password (these can be anything you like). Account Image 5
Step 7. Click Add New Worker and the page will refresh with your worker details, note both the worker login and worker password down. you will need both of these later. Account Image 6
Stage 3: Install CPU Miner
Before you install the GPU Mining Application you want to make sure you are running off the latest Nvidia Drivers.
Step 1. Go to the Cuda miner page on BitCoin talk and download the latest package.
Step 2. Create a folder in C:/ called GPUminer. Install Image 1
Step 3. Once Downloaded, unzip the file, go into to cduaminer-2014-02-28 then into x86 and drag the contents of the zip file into the GPUminer folder. By the time you're doing this the date of 2014-02-28 may have changed to a newer version, that's good news!) Install Image 2
Step 4. Open up notepad and insert the following text, you want to replace the worker login and the worker password with the values you noted down earlier.
cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u USERACCOUNT.WORKERUSER -p WORKERPASS pause 
Install Image 3
Step5. Select File > Save as then save the file to c:/GPUmine as gpuminer.bat Install Image 4
Stage 4: Mine
Step 1. From the C:/GPUminer double click gpuminer.bat this will open a window. after a few minutes you should start seeing accepted transactions. All accepted transactions are good. Mine Image 1
Debugging When you launch gpuminer.bat if you see the following error it means you need to update your Nvidia drivers: Error Image 1
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My story. It was a long hard way but now I´m here :) Thank you all!(Long text)

Yeah.... Hi, my name is Yannick. I´m pretty new to this Community but I want you to tell my story and want to show that you can make it too! First of all I want to excuse my bad english, I hope you can understand nearly everything:) So let´s start over :
Hi, my name is Yannick, I´m 17 years old (9 days till i turn 18!) from germany. The first time I heard about a cryptocurrency was 2 months ago when a friend send me an article abour Bitcoin. I didn´t read it, I just saw some statistics and a picture of a room filled with graphiccards. I forgot this article very fast.
Two weeks ago, while beeing on Imgur(yes, I´m a Imguiran) I saw a post about a guy who postet a picture of his selfmade Dogecoin-Banknote with a QR-code on it. That got my attention, because i liked the Idea of making your own money, but as many cool things i see on imgur I forgot so search for it. ~4 days passed then a friend send me a link of (He´s a big fan of the Doge meme like me and we played games like Dr.meth or cookie clicker as fun-competition before). But like all of this games of this type they get booring after a while.. Heres where everything beginns: On the bottom of the dogeminer page was a link which says "how to get real coins?" and i got send to the official dogecoin page.
Now it really got me, I startet to google about dogecoin and after 30 minutes my mind was like :" I want this, I want to be a part". So here my long way to my first Dogecoins started. I registerd myself at online Api and tried to get some Dogecoin from faucets, what didnt work at all. After some more reading I knew thats safer to have an offline wallet, so I downloaded it. I took me 2 days to download all blocks and I was so happy when it was done! I instantly copied my adress and tried to get some coins from the faucets, what again didnt worked. I was really frustrated, all that time and reading articels - and it didnt worked. I was too scared to post something in this board,I thought that here a lot of agressive people like in other boards who hate newbies, I didn´t realised that the DogecoinCommunity is relaxed and friendly at this momment. So what i did was adding random persons on the offical Dogecoin-Steamgroup. 3 People accepted me. The first one told me Dogecoin is a joke, and i have to stop. I didnt. The second one was annoyed and told me he cant help me. Now there was my lucky time: the third one was very friendly and he was also german. He said he stoped mining a month ago but he started updating his wallet, just to send me some testD(very kind). He really did it, but it didnt appeard in my wallet. In this momment I was ultra frustrated. The next day I cleaned up my whole pc, deinstalled the wallet and installed it again. Again I spend my time updating till next day evening. And surprisingly my new Shibefriend was able to send me some doge. That was the part where i was happy again. Next day I really wanted to get into the digging-thing. I spend 4 hours watching tutorials, downloading cudaminer and manager, but at the end of the day, i started the .bat-file and the window dissapeared instand. This again was a low point of my flight to the moon.
But i wouldnt be here if didnt try it again next day. I updated all my drivers and yeah... I was able to "mine". Seeing all of the Mining tutorials I really thought my "old" pc could get a hashrate of ~ 300 too. Take away one 0. Yeah 30 khashs/s, first i was pretty depressed, but then a (yay!!) appeared on the screen. I was shocked! Is this my first Dcoin ? After 2 minutes again (yay!!). I was so happy at this momment. I told my self 3 more days and you´ll be able to make your own cool paper banknote wich is 1000D worth. I checked my poolsite just to realise that it says Doge : 0,000 and Your Valid : 3. Again as many times before a big "?" appeared over my head. Then my friendly Steamfriend explained me the "diggingsystem" and finding of Blocks. I didn´t like what i heard but, Hey he got 19.000D with mining, how long does it take ? So i let my pc run till i went to bed. Next day when I got home I checked my pool. 1,724351 Doge..... wow much Do..NOT. That wasn´t what i wanted to see, I was really sad. All the time i spend for just one doge, one Doge! At the same time i started to comment on peoples posts on this board and someone just gave me 50 doge. Again i was shocked on a positive way :)
After all that I´m sitting here writing on this 40 minutes long text with my lagging pc (didding right now) and just want to say to everyone: THANK YOU SO MUCH !
Its been a hard time but now im here. I´m feeling realy good in this community and i really like it. I want to show everone whos new, that its possible! Dont stop if something didnt work! Here are thounsands of nice Shibes who love to help you.
Okay people it´s late over here. I´m going to sleep, just checking my valid : 120 maybe I have more luck this time :) Can´t wait to check out reddit tomorrow! Again thank you everone! Let your dreams come true ... To the Moon !
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Bitcoin Basics (Part 1) - How to Mine Bitcoin 2018 (EASY METHOD)! Bitcoin mining for ... How to configure cgminer - Windows mining tutorial - YouTube How To Mine 1 Bitcoin in 10 Minutes - Blockchain BTC Miner ... Tutorial - How To Bitcoin for Beginners - YouTube

Bitcoin is designed to be generated by hardware & software. Free money is not so easy. Here is Bitcoin Mining Guide For Beginners. Normally we “buy” Bitcoin but Bitcoin is highly secure for transaction as Governmental spyware fails to track. Basic reason to generate, use Bitcoin sarcastically is not for making free money but for higher ... Find out what is Cardano cryptocurrency & learn how to mine Cardano in this comprehensive Cardano mining tutorial. Cryptocurrency Mining. There are a few ways you could go about cryptocurrency mining. I’ll cover the main ones here, and start from the easiest one - cloud mining. Method #1 - Cloud Mining. If you’re looking for crypto mining ways, cloud mining is probably the most popular way ... Durch Bitcoins Mining können Sie Einheiten der virtuellen Bitcoin-Währung erhalten. Mit entsprechendem finanziellen Aufwand kann so jeder Computer-Besitzer nebenbei Geld verdienen. Wie das geht und was Sie dabei beachten sollten, erklären wir Ihnen in unserem Ratgeber. Was ist Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoin Mining ist ein Prozess, bei dem Rechenleistung zur Transaktionsverarbeitung, Absicherung und Synchronisierung aller Nutzer im Netzwerk zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Das Mining ist eine Art dezentrales Bitcoin-Rechenzentrum mit Minern auf der ganzen Welt. Dieser Prozess wird analog zum Goldschürfen Mining genannt. Anders als beim Goldschürfen gibt es beim ... Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware. In our previous Bitcoin mining tutorial, we talked about how to setup a mining computer. Here we continue, giving you some advice on the best Bitcoin mining hardware that you can get for your mining PC. Top Motherboards for Mining

[index] [45805] [14684] [21943] [12117] [17944] [14469] [9907] [46921] [50299] [18458]

Bitcoin Basics (Part 1) - "Explained For Beginners" - YouTube

Cgminer is bitcoin mining software that's easy to setup.This mining tutorial will demonstrate how to configure cgminer on windows. #cgminer #cgminertutorial ... Hey guys my name is Scoby and in today's video I am going to be showing you how to Mine Bitcoin on your PC! This tutorial is going to be great for anyone loo... Some Helpful Links: • Buy Parts for a Mining Rig: • Download NiceHash Miner: • Choose a Wallet: h... BSOV pool miner tutorial: Here are the links you'll need: written tutorial: Get our free Bitcoin course here - This Bitcoin basics video series will explain Bitcoin for beginners. You'll lear...